Monday, August 26, 2013

The scariest place in our house

The truth is there are a lot a few places in my house I'm kind of scared of especially at night. And then there is the place I'm kind of scared to go in even in broad daylight.

Tucked far away in a back corner of our house is this strange staircase corridor. It connects the lower level shop to the garage and happens to be the only access directly from the inside of the house to the garage.
Up these stairs you have the unfinished crawl space on one side...

Is this not completely creepy??? I mean there could be anything back in there. 

And the platform storage space on the other. This is a huge space which goes all the way back to the wall that you can't see in the photo.It is pretty ideal for storing x-mas decorations, baby clothes etc.

Then the stairs continue up the concrete block corridor and through a door into the garage.

Mostly this space appeared to be empty except for some old screens to our windows and a random solid wood door and this very old can of paint.

Because we have so many colors going on inside our house I decided that for phase one of house renovation I'd just color match the existing off white/ivory paint for the main livings space and kitchen. Then down the road when we can tear up rose colored carpet and put in hardwood we could re-think the overall color pallet in the house. Judging from the paint drips I had a good hunch that this random can of paint was the color on our walls but I couldn't get thing open to save my life. I hauled it down to Sherwin Williams and sure enough they got it opened and confirmed it was our paint. Oh and the can, was from 1961! Do you know what happens to a can of paint after 52 years??? It gets quite hard. However, they were able to color match it and send me on my way with two new cans of our ivory paint in a nice semi-gloss perfect for our kitchen. 

And that my friends was the very long winded way of telling you that I finished painting my kitchen Friday night thanks to my Mother who came to my rescue and helped me paint until midnight and kept me from having to spend the night as the only adult in the house (Chris was backpacking). We had an impromptu sleepover, made margaritas and primed/painted until it was done.Oh yeah and she made me dinner too. Isn't my Mom so nice!

The result was pretty good. The paint is a little more yellow than what was there. You can really see the difference where the wall meets the cabinets. I suppose paint does fade a bit in 52 years. I think I'd almost call it a butter cream or a whipped butter color more than an ivory especially in the evening when the natural light goes away. Probably not what I want throughout the house but it does work in the kitchen. It is especially nice against the tile backslash behind the stove.

We will have to repaint the cabinets and door trim but we're going to wait until we replace the floor for that step. Until then it's just  nice to know we have no more raw plaster patches everywhere and we can cross off one more painting project from the giant list.

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