Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In the beginning....

there were lots and lots of boxes.
So many boxes that I can barely walk through the library or access my closet.

However, Margot's room is coming along. Once all of the stuff was in the house Saturday we focused our attention to her room installing her chandelier, assembling her crib and book shelf and digging out all of her books, clothes and toys so we could have a big reveal for her by the end of the day. We were scrambling to get her room primed and painted Friday night and ended up painting until 1 am. But turned out so nice (we still have to repaint the windows but they are painted shut from the outside so we have to wait until we can get them unstuck). It's a soft pearl grey and it's even prettier in person. We need to get her new dresser from my in-laws garage and we are still waiting for her new chair to arrive but it's coming along.
All of our work paid off however because her reaction did not disappoint. She actually squealed when she saw it and started running from her bed to her book shelf to her chandelier and jabbering a mile a minute. Then she went strait to business pulling books out of her shelf to read and making sure clothes were in her closet. You know, the important things. 

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  1. That is so sweet! What a perfect response from Margot!