Tuesday, August 20, 2013

if I can fix a faucet...

...surely I can fly/drive to glacier national park and back in a 3 day weekend with a toddler, right?

Still high from my faucet fixing success I headed of to the airport Thursday evening with Margot and my Dad for a quick weekend jaunt to Glacier National Park. My sister is a tour guide there this summer and my Dad and I hatched a last minute plan to go visit her while she was there and thought we'd bring Margot along for good measure. We were short on both time and money for the trip but decided it was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity and found a way to make it work.

And thank goodness we did because Margot LOVED going to Glacier with us. Planning this trip could be seen as pure foolishness, 4 hours on planes and 20 hours in a car over 3 days with a 21 month old. Could have been 1000 x harder than fixing a leaky faucet. But it was a blast and airplanes are Margot's new favorite thing.
I was so nervous about taking her on both the plane and the very long car rides. We flew into Spokane, WA and then had to drive 7 hours from there to St. Mary in East Glacier were Jess is. But Margot did so well. She was so excited on the airplane and did a great job sitting on my lap playing with her new special toys for the flight. It helped that she had both Grover and Minnie Mouse with her and we had a few treats to keep her chewing during take off and landing. She even handled an almost straight 7 hour car ride with only a few short breaks and a few short naps. It was amazing and we were so proud of her. I think it helps that she is old enough to understand so much. When she wanted something she couldn't have, like Milk on a hwy in the middle of nowhere, she reacted really well to the explanation and seemed to handle waiting. I'd explain and she'd say, "oh, okay Mama". She was such a trooper. 

And Glacier National Park was gorgeous. I wish we'd had more time and I hope to go back with Chris' and Margot when she's older and do a lot more hiking. The geology is breathtaking. And we saw so many animals which was really exciting and Margot especially seemed to enjoy.

But we're glad to be back to our "new house" as Margot still calls it. When she woke up the next morning at home she emphatically exclaimed, "new house, Mama, new house!"

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