Friday, August 23, 2013

From better to worse

Sometimes things get worse before they get better, right?

At least that seems to be the case with my kitchen right now. First the oven headed to the repair shop leaving a dark scary cavernous hole. Then I taped off the windows, trim and cabinets so I could start to prime, and we all know about the aesthetic quality of blue painters tape..., and now I have a partially primed room. I thought I would at least prime it all in one evening...HAHA. Consider this example #59 of how much I underestimate the actual time a project will take.

Well tonight friends I will tackle it. Chris heads into the woods for his first backpacking trip of the season and I will prime plus paint that kitchen tonight even if I have to pull an all-nighter to do it. Meanwhile, I'll hope and pray that the painters tape sitting on my cabinets for three days doesn't do any lasting damage...

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