Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hello Stranger

There is no other way to intro this post then the somewhat lame "it's been so long". But, alas, it has. I meant to Blog and then I just stopped thinking about it. Yet more and more our long distance friends and family comment on my online disappearance. As I thought about it over Easter weekend I realize that I miss it.

When I last left this Blog I had quit my job in order to stay home with then 2 year old Margot. We moved to Corvallis and were settling into yet another new house. Fast forward many months and many events and once again our family has seen so much change.

A better job opportunity opened up for Chris moving us yet again to a new town further north. We went ahead and bought a house up here. I suppose our age and maturity is showing because this go around we skipped all the darling, old, character-filled fixer-uppers and bought a BRAND NEW HOUSE *gasp*. With a small child, a new job, a new town and one income we just didn't see the time or resources to fix up anything. So we are settling into a little grey house and enjoying the simplicity, modernity and cleanliness of new construction.

Margot started pre-school last week. At three and half she is more than ready and eager for the socialization and activity. I think it's been more of an adjustment for me than for her. It was hard for me to willingly give up 5 hours a week with her when I am bombarded with the reality that she is growing up so fast. While she eagerly greets her new friends and experiences I hope to utilize some time to myself to be out of the house, blog, run errands in peace and soak up the luxury of sitting in Starbucks for two hours at a time!

Lastly, I'm thrilled to report that we are expecting a second baby this fall. We are sooooo excited and Margot is just beside herself with joy. 

I used to hope for less change in our lives, and to some extent I still do, but I have to say that this round has been so good. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.