Monday, August 5, 2013

Official House Tour

I was starting to think it was never going to happen but we did finally close. We got keys right before we left on our camping trip, which was a blast. Margot is a very happy camper. I will share some pictures tomorrow. Anyway, once inside the house I obsessively took photos of everything. I like to think of it as the catalog of before. So without further ado here is the official before house tour.
 Front door (s)
view from inside front door
 Master bedroom
 Master closet
 Master bath
 living room, view from dining room
 dining room, view from living room
 view from kitchen window
 close up of the vintage oven
 sun-room or solarium which is just off the kitchen
 library, behind living room
 more library
 I'm leaving Margot's room off since I've shared it but this is Margot's pink bathroom
 staircase downstairs
 Rec room
 rec room from other angle
 crazy lights in rec room, there are 3
 laundry room, there is a second wall of cabinets on other side as well
 guest room
 guest room closet
 guest bath
other side of shop complete with a turquoise sink in the orange counter top


  1. I can't wait to see it with all your stuff moved in! Your style is so neat, I'm sure it will be fun putting it all together.

  2. What character this house has! I love the laundry room and the fun extras like the library & the shop. I'm thrilled for your family!