Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Camper

We had so much fun Camping with Margot this weekend. It was her first camping trip and I really had no idea what to expect taking a 20 month old camping but she did so good. I think it really helped to have all the extended family around so there were lots of people to share the "Margot watch" and keep her entertained. Plus she adores her "kiki and awe-va", Katie and Ava. Here they are all ready to go.
We talked a lot beforehand about camping and about sleeping in a tent. When we finally got there we hung out in the tent and played and Margot was so excited about that tent. When we went to bed that night she kept saying "Tent Mamma, tent".
Of course Grover came camping too and now Grover is in need of a bath.
We tried to be pretty relaxed about food. We offered the same healthy food options we always do and made sure we had lots of fruit, cheese and crackers but we also didn't worry too much about treats. Even when Nonna gave Margot an entire cookie right before dinner!
Margot loved to use the camping cups for water and for cheddar bunnies. She was so cute toddling around the campsite with her little cup of food.
And of course she shared.
I didn't even try to keep her from getting dirty. And when she finally discoverd all the dirt and how fun it was to play in we just sat back and watched. I brought clothes that could get dirty and keep her warm and when she was good and done with the dirt we did our best with baby wipes and called it good.
The thing I was most concerned about was keeping her warm, it can get really cold at diamond lake, but we really didn't have too much difficulty. We brought warm fleecy pj's which we layered over a white tee shirt and we let her sleep in the sleeping bags with us.
We had a blanket that could go outside and kept her snuggled with us around the campfire in the early morning and late evening.
She loved all the people and being outside. We did bring some toys but we didn't use them that much because she was having so much fun just hanging out with family and toddling around with the bigger kids. We also brought our bikes so we were able to take her on some bike rides which she always loves.

Can't wait for next year!

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