Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Day in the Life

When Margot was 4 months old I did a post on a day in our life. I was looking back at her monthly posts to pull pictures for her birthday party and I couldn't help but laugh at that post. I laugh because that day seems so much easier yet at the time I know I felt it was really hard. It just goes to show how fast babies change and grow. Also that post was before Chris started at the firm when he worked much more normal hours. So here is a day in the life with our now 11 month old. This was one day last week.

5:00 am: Chris' alarm goes off and he gets in the shower. Margot starts fussing and I go get her and bring her back to our bed to nurse. Margot is wide awake after nursing never mind that it is 5:20am. Chris gets dressed and leaves for work. I Change her and put her on the floor where she promptly crawls over to my shoes and starts pulling every single one off of the shoe rack. I get dressed (I usually shower at night otherwise there is no guarantee I'll get a shower) and fix my hair. Margot has now moved on to pulling all of the laundry out of the hamper. Margot and I make the bed and but away all the shoes and laundry before getting her dressed. Then we head to the kitchen were she sits at her high chair with some cheerios and I make my tea and grab my lunch.

6:20 am: I cart Margot, her bag, my bag and my hot cup of tea out to the car and we leave. I drink my tea and listen to NPR on the way in. Margot jabbers to herself and her doll francie making sure to squeal as loudly as possible during all the moments of the news I really want to hear.

6:40 am: we get to my Mom's. I nurse Margot and put on make up (which I now keep in my bag).

7:25 am: I park downtown where I have a board meeting for Better Eugene Springfield Transit (BEST) a non profit board I'm on.

9:15 am-12pm: I get to work, eat my breakfast (yogurt and granola which I keep at work). I deal with email, phone calls. I work on some testimony due at city council by 5pm. I also work on a power point for a presentation I'm making at our board of directors next week.

12:00 pm: I run back to my Mom's where I nurse Margot and eat some lunch.

1pm: Back at work for a couple hours then a couple meetings in the afternoon.

5pm: I go pick up Margot. She nurses then we pack her things and get her into the car. We leave Mom's about 5:30 and listen to NPR on the way home.

5:45: I put Margot in the high chair with her dinner. Tonight it's some left over meat loaf and roasted sweet potatoes and apples. I unload the dishwasher and get our dinner going (bangers and mash with braised cabbage).

6:10 Margot is now throwing food on the floor and laughing. I clean her up and put her on the floor with some toys. That works for about 10 minutes then she starts pulling herself up on my legs and saying ma ma, ma ma, I pick her up and thankfully Chris walks in at 6:30 and I can finish up dinner. we eat in the family room while she plays. Every few minutes she comes over to my plate for bites. She's like a little puppy when it comes to food on my plate.

6:50 We help her put away her toys and Chris reads her a few bedtime books while I load the dishwasher

7:00pm I take Margot into her room put on her pj's and nurse her to sleep.

7:30pm I rotate laundry and do the rest of the dishes. Then Chris and I settle on the couch. We read for a while and then watch Colbert and Stewart online.

9:00pm I take a shower and we go to bed 

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