Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

From our little dinosaur...
 So sometimes in motherhood I fail utterly. Take for example the time I didn't realize Margot would react to her vaccinations and Chris and I went on a date night and came home to a baby burning up with temperature.
 But sometimes I do rock the Mom thing. This Halloween...I rocked it by making Margot this awesome dinosaur costume. I mean how cool is this?! She's the cutest dinosaur I've ever seen. Best of all I only spent $12 making her costume (well $12 dollars and 4 hours). I also completely made it up. No pattern, no pintrest, just my imagination. And it was really easy.
 So here's how to make your kid a really cool dinosaur costume. Get fleece in three color's A half a yard in the primary color and 1/4 yard in the other two colors is more than enough. Get two large buttons (I pulled these out of my Mom's button box.
 Fold your green fleece in half. Then find a jumper one size bigger then baby's current size (I think for a boy overalls or shortalls would work in a pinch). For Margot I used a 18 month jumper she has. Lay the jumper on the fleece and cut around it making two matching pieces. Just make sure the "back" pieces has longer shoulder straps to button onto button holes. Take the back piece and cut it in half. Cut spikes out of your two contrasting colors. Then you will sew the spikes into the back of the jumper. I added a tail which also had spikes.
Once your spikes are sewn in you can sew the sides of your two pieces together. Sew buttons onto the front and cut button holes onto back. For the bottom measure out leg holes (I used a pair of Margot's leggings to as a rough guide). You are going to sew up the bottom leaving two leg holes. I tucked and pinned the fabric to hem it and then sewed it up. Lastly for a cap use a winter hat as a rough guide. Cut out two matching hat pieces and sew them together with spikes in the middle. Add some straps and you are done. Margot is wearing her costume over leggings and a long sleep tee she already had. If you wanted to give this costume a more finished look you could hem the arm holes, neck and hat or trim them with matching yarn. However given it's a Halloween costume it doesn't really need to be as finished as a traditional outfit. I had a blast making her costume and can't wait to do it again next year.

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