Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Margot you are a year old!

Dear Margot,

You are a year old. We just finished celebrating your birthday and what a fun weekend we had. You loved your birthday. You were so happy to play with your friends, wear your special birthday dress and eat a cup cake. I think you are also enjoying so many new toys!

At one year you are really a happy baby. You are still a little shy and often you prefer Mommy and Daddy. But you are becoming more adventurous. You are crawling really fast and with purpose! You are cruising on furniture and standing for brief intervals. You have very good fine motor skills and can stack, look at books, put a spoon of food in your mouth , hold your own sippy cup and point to you nose, eyes and mouth. You also clap and waive.

You smile, laugh, chatter and squeal all of the time! You love to sing a long and have conversations. You love love love your books. You sit and read them by yourself for long intervals. You also like other people to read to you.

You are a great eater. You eat almost everything. You have even learned to tolerate avocados. You started having cows milk this week and after only one week you are drinking several ounces from your sippy cup with each meal. Your favorite foods are pot roast, chicken, broccoli, squash, pears, carrots and beans. You are still nursing but only early in the morning and before bed.
Your favorite toys right now are puzzles, books, your new picnic basket with food, Francie, Minnie mouse, stacking bowls, alphabet blocks and play little people house. You also love to play with kitchen utensils, the kitchen towel drawer, bath toys and organizing things.

You love walks, singing, other babies, Sesame street anything and going to restaurants.

You still aren't the best sleeper. Every night you go down around 7, usually okay. But somewhere between 1 am and 5 am you wake up crying for Ma Ma. I go into your room and you are standing at your crib crying Ma Ma Ma Ma with your little pudgy arms out. I can't help but pick you up and bring you into bed where you snuggle between Daddy and I and go back to sleep. I know we should make you stay in your own bed but the truth is I love our early morning snuggles.

Your Daddy and I have enjoyed this first year with you so much! We are excited for many fun memories in the months to come. Even though you are growing so big you will always be our special little baby.

Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy

12 month stats: you go to the doctor next week but I'm guessing you are about 28 inches long and 20-21lbs. You are in size 12 month and 18 month clothes and we just moved you into size 4 diapers.

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