Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Randomness

  • With one successful craft under my belt I suddenly like crafts and am going to try to make Margot a tepee for her birthday present. I'm also thinking about some holiday crafts.
  • my parents considered naming me Whitney. In fact they had a deal that if I was born with red hair (my dad is a red head) I'd be named Whitney and if I had brown hair I would be named Laura. I have a hard time imagining myself as a Whitney.
  • This Saturday is the last out door farmers market. I am sad. Taking Margot to the farmers Market has become one of my favorite things to do
  • I am working on printing photos of Margot. I have taken almost 1500 photos since she was born and I think I'm going to print about 700. It's funny because growing up we had one photo album of my first year of life that had around 150 photos. I used to think it was so crazy that my Mother took 150 photos of me in one year and now...
  • With Halloween behind us I'm really getting into the holiday spirit. Last year we were barely functioning at Christmas time due to a wee one who hated to sleep but this year I am feeling more human and am up for some good old fashioned holiday fun, decorating, x-mas trees, making cookies and wrapping presents.

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