Monday, November 26, 2012


Well Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is upon us. As I've mentioned before on here, I'm all about Christmas this year. Yesterday Margot and I hauled out all of our Christmas decorations and started decorating the house. Margot had tons of fun! She knew something exciting was happening and she caught on. She went from frantically waiving her arms and clapping in excitement to grabbing decorations and crawling around with them. This was good because my poor baby is cutting molars like no body's business and needs all the fun she can get.

We have a mouse in our house. I am very distraught. On the one hand I find it completely disgusting, unclean and disturbing that it is on the house and I want it gone. On the other hand I find him incredibly cute and I feel really bad for the little guy. We've seen it a couple of times and its really little and sweet looking. This might be due to the fact that I read an average of 10 children's books a day and I've been influenced by too many sweet little mouse characters. Regardless I have very complicated feelings toward our little house guest. We bought a live trap hoping to catch him and take him out to the wetlands past our house. However this trap does not seem to be catching him.

This weekend I bought an IPad Mini. It's a combination Christmas present from my in laws and saved up spending money. Margot thinks it's her new toy. She'd been playing with my Mother in Law's IPad all weekend. When she saw the mini she immediately crawled over and grabbed it. Once she had it in her hands she looked at me and babbled in her baby way. I swear she was saying, "finally Mommy one that's my size! thank you for my new present." She then persisted to play with my IPad. She is so obsessed with it that I can't use it in front of her without her taking it or throwing a complete fit. What's really amazing is how much she can do with it. We put some Sesame street books and baby memory games on there and she was getting the hang of them way too fast.

Margot had a very exciting weekend. Besides her fun with the IPad she got to go shopping (which she loves). She threw all of her thanksgiving dinner on the floor and she learned to climb stairs. She also got to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and play with puppies. She also managed to stay up until 9pm each night. How she will return to normal life I just don't know.

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