Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"You want to do what!!!!?????"

In two weeks Mr. P is leaving for Officer Candidate School (OCS), and I will be spending the summer (and our first anniversary) sans Mr. P.

It’s actually a little bit of a funny story. You see, Mr. P never mentioned that he wanted to join the military the entire time we were dating or engaged. To be fair he didn’t really know himself. But a mere 6 weeks after we got married Mr. P announced he wanted to become a Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps. I knew absolutely nothing about the military or the Marines or what this would mean for our life. I don’t come from a military family and I didn’t know anyone in the military. The only reference point I had was that I have seen A Few Good Men many times. Mr. P could tell me all sorts of things about what it would be like for him and his career but he knew nothing about what it would mean for me, except he thought we’d probably move around a lot. I was like, "You want to what!!!!!????"

This is how I came to discover blogs. I mean, I knew of blogs but I had never read one. To find out about the military life I started reading military wife blogs. I’ve also read some books such as: Today’s Military Wife, 5th addition and Army Wives.

Throughout this year I have been adjusting to our future in the Military. And now that it’s getting closer I am finding myself getting excited. Not necessarily excited to be without my husband all summer, but excited to see him achieving his dreams.

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  1. Mrs. P!!! Is Mr. P. really going to be able to go to OCS in two weeks? I've been praying....