Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy Monday

Well it’s Monday. And here in the Northwest it is grey and rainy. The weekend was too busy for blogging. Mr. P and I are moving next weekend and he has his first final today. I spent the weekend cleaning, packing, filling holes and, of course, cooking. And I hate to clean! I was so grumpy from all the cleaning I just had to cook delicious food. Here is the amazing dish I made Mr. P and some of his law school buddies for dinner last night(they were all over studying all day):

Polenta-encrusted Fried Chicken with a sweet corn mash, fried bananas and a tomato relish
from Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Kitchen

It was delicious and very fun to make. Although, definitely not a weeknight dinner, it took me an hour and a half start to finish.

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