Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Eats at Potter Place

Since Friday’s are my menu planning/grocery shopping day here at Potter Place I think I’ll use Friday’s blog to share. I know I love to see what other people are cooking! With Mr. P shipping off soon I’m trying to cook lots of his favorites. So for the next two weeks it's lots of soup, Jamie Oliver and meat!

Friday: left-over Chinese take out from last night
Saturday: Indian food with friends from Church at local Indian Restaurant
Sunday: Creamy Asparagus Soup topped with crusty bread and poached eggs from Jamie Oliver, Jamie at Home
Monday: Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes, gravy and salad (I learned the recipe from my Dad, he learned it at Boy Scout camp yet it is the best, so good!)
Tuesday: I have a meeting so left over steak for Mr. P
Wednesday: Dinner at my Dad and Step-Mother’s, a family farewell for Mr. P
Thursday: English Onion Soup, from Jamie at Home, with Teriyaki Steak appetizers from the Taste of Oregon Cookbook, and Salad with homemade dressing

*cookbook note: if you live in the Pacific Northwest and haven't read the Taste of Oregon Cookbook it's a must. It was put together in the 70's by the Junior Leaugue or something like that and it has a lot of great local favorites, dishes from restaurants and seasonal recipes using local food such as Salmon, apples, hazelnuts (which are actually called filberts here) and cranberries. My favorite part however, is all the pioneer facts and recipes scattered throughout. Many of my childhood favorites are found it this book like Taco Casserole, Italian swiss steak, terriaki appetizers, potato soup, and wild strawberry pie.

I'm very glad it's friday and have many fun weekend plans to get too. Tonight we are hanging out with some law school friends of Mr. P, probably playing pool and drinking beer. Saturday is the youth garage sale at church followed by eating delicous Indian food with other young adults at our favorite Indian restaurant. And Sunday it's church, sunday lunch at a friends, gardening and cooking Jamie's delicious asparagus soup. Fun fun fun!
Happy Friday to all!


  1. You've done it mouth is watering!

  2. hey laura! the recipe can be found here:*2C+50+Dishes/black-eyed_peas_in_a_spicy_goan_curry

    and also on my blog under a link.

    i used fresh, soaked black eyed peas
    i used veg. broth instead of water
    i added garam masala to the spice mix and to garnish at the end

    so good! hope you enjoy :)