Monday, May 18, 2009

summer has arrived

It was another crazy weekend for Mr. P and I. I think my mother is about to wring my neck:). She is constantly lecturing, I mean telling me, I need to take time for myself, have more quiet time, make more along time with Mr. P, and I seem to be incapable of doing so. And honestly I wouldn’t change it. I just love people. I love doing things with friends, and hosting parties, and helping with church activities and meeting friends for coffee. This is just who I am. But what was best about this weekend was that it really felt like the beginning of summer. This was the first hot and sunny weekend here and I spent most of the weekend outside enjoying it. Between the youth group garage sale, helping one of our friends move, sitting outside drinking iced coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops, wearing a skirt do dinnerJ, and spending Sunday evening at BBQ out in the country it really felt like summer is here. And so it got me thinking of my favorite things about summer, which I’m going to share:

Warm ripe tomatoes from my garden

The family cabin on the river
Reading in the hammock

Swimming in the lake
BBQ chicken and grilled corn on the cob

Cold beer on the porch
The crazy 4th of July family BBQ with my many many cousins (seriously, I have like 20!)
Riding horses with my grandfather on the ranch
Picking blackberries
Summer wedding receptions
The Family camping trip

What are your favorite things about summer?

Mrs. P


  1. I love the idea of summer and everything it represents...BBQ's, cute sundresses, family fun, lots of time spent outside, long + leisurely walks through the neighborhood, etc...but find those things are hard to enjoy when you live in Louisiana. The humidity is so bad that you start sweating as soon as you step foot outside and that makes it hard to enjoy any outdoor activities. Regardless, I still love what summer represents and look forward to the day when I can thoroughly enjoy the months of June-August again :-)

    Even though it's incredibly hot + humid I still really look forward to the beach vacation we take each summer with my hubby, step-daughters, parents, and mother, father, and brother-in-law. Spending time with family is such a treat and I totally treasure it!

    p.s. Good luck on your 5K! My very first was on the 9th of this month and although I didn't enjoy it very much during the actual running, I loved how I felt when I hit the finish line. Talk about a rush!!

  2. I've got to agree with you about the tomatoes. Being able to pick a handful of warm ripe cherry tomatoes fresh off the bush and pop them in my mouth almost makes up for the fact that I'd rather the temperature never go above 55.

    Blueberries are another summer perk. And roses and dahlias.

    Daylight savings time and watching the horizon still be bright at 10:00.

    Watching the Perseids in August.

    But best of all, having my kids home from school. THAT'S worth everything else.