Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Fun!

It is still horribly rainy here. Last night it rained so hard I was really worried about my seeds. Carrot seeds are only planted 1/2 inch deep. But I checked my garden this morning and all seems well. Because of the rain and blah outside I am writing a really fun wedding post!
My favorite cousin, who was also my roommate in college, is getting married this summer. I am the Maid of Honor, or rather as Mr. P likes to remind everyone, the Matron of Honor. Having just gotten married, and having the best Maid of Honor in the world, I am taking my role very seriously. The past months have been so fun for us. Lauren started dating her fiancĂ©, Nick, right before Mr. P and I started dating. We were all pretty close in college. So it's pretty exciting having them get married right after us. Nonna, our grandmother, is having a hay day! Mostly, there has been a lot of shopping. Also there have been a lot of long phone calls about shoes, colors, invitations, cakes, and the bridal shower. Lauren’s colors are yellow and black. Her dress is gorgeous and very classic. The wedding is going to be in an old church and the reception in an old ballroom. Here are some color boards which capture her inspiration:

These two Lauren found and emailed me so I’m not sure where they are from

This one we found on Blue-Eyed Bride’s blog (which we love):

One of my favorite things about this wedding is the elegance. I loved my wedding but I wouldn’t describe it as elegant. It was beautiful but the reception was in a barn so elegant isn’t quite the right adjective. But Lauren’s wedding is full of classic elegance. The brides-maids dresses are beautiful black strapless chiffon dresses.

I have to say this picture doesn't really do the dress justice. But you get an idea.

And these are my shoes.

Both the dress and the shoes are from the White/Black store.

Well that’s all for today but I’m sure there will be more fun wedding notes to come.
Mrs. P


  1. I love her wedding inspiration boards - gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous...your shoes are fantastic!!

  2. yes i do like your shoes, too bad you can't tell that the detailing on the shoes are fancy little flowers - that is the best part. I normally don't like black because it is so boring, but the flowers add nice feminine soft touch.
    Who am I to talk about fashion? I wear socks with my sandals!