Monday, September 30, 2013

The evolution of a bedroom

Have I shared a ridiculously cute photo of my kid in a while??? Well just in case lets start there. Isn't she darling! This is Margot on Saturday walking in downtown Portland with Grandma in one hand and her shopping bag on the other. We had just finished our annual Hannah Anderson birthday dress shopping tradition. Margot, thrilled with her new clothes, was not relinquishing her shopping bag and persisted to carry it 4 blocks back to the car.
It's a fitting way to begin this post because it's all about her, her space and her clothes. After 3 months we finally got her dresser!!! Remember way back on June 21st when Chris' and I went to Portland for our anniversary and while shopping on SE Hawthorne found a great dresser for her room? We had it delivered to Chris' parents house and this weekend we were finally able to go get it.

 Sunday afternoon Margot and I organized her room and clothes. That child has a lot of clothes so lots of organizing was in order. Her room still has a long way to go but getting the dresser was a huge step toward bringing this space together.

For now we are using the top of the dresser as a changing table. Once Margot is potty trained we'll decorate it. These are all iPhone photos (of course) so the color is off in the close up one because of the flash. It was really dark and stormy yesterday and so all the photos are a little dark. The color it the above photo is pretty true to life. 
I love how the walnut finish on the dresser matches the walnut baseboards. While the lighter finish on her rockers match the finish on the closet.
Her wall color looks different in each of these pictures. The actual color is a light almost silvery grey.
Every night more and more of her "friends" make it into her bed.

Here is Margot's new birthday dress. We had so much fun shopping with her this year. After she went around showing us all the ones she liked we selected 4 options and let her choose. This was her choice.
Her closet is nice and organized but I would like to paint the inside and add some smaller shelves for her along the walls. She loves to climb inside and turn the light on and off.

And of course she loves playing with her shoes!
After so much organizing it was time for reading books with Daddy.
We still need to paint the windows in her room, make curtains and hang some pictures. I'm also still debating a rug to tone down the carpet. Soon it will be time for a toddler bed, tear tear, and that will change things a bit too. But it's coming along especially considering where it started.

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