Friday, September 20, 2013

Can I offer you a drink?

You just can't have a mid-century house and not have a place to mix up a perfect martini or pour a nice bourbon the rocks. It would just be wrong. And when it comes to preparing drinks I have always been a fan of the bar cart. It's classic, mobile and versatile. In fact I have been hunting for a vintage bar cart since I hosted my first cocktail party as a newlywed 5 years ago.
But sometimes timing is everything. Or so it seamed last week when I stumbled upon this gem of a vintage brass bar cart in the back of a used furniture store merely two days before hosting my first Martini party in our new house. I could barely contain my excitement as I bartered with the owner. It's pretty scratched up and was missing it's glass shelves but I knew that the bones were there.

Price secured (pennies my friends, pennies), I sweetly begged my husband to go the hardware sore with me that very night to get glass shelves cut in time for my party. And low and behold Saturday night Margot and I were all ready for the big event. It was boys poker night for Chris' (elsewhere) and thus the perfect night for me to host a girls night martini party. Margot donned her new dress for the occasion. I set up my bar and we threw together some very simple snacks.

The party was great fun as one would expect from a vintage bar cart, 10 amazing ladies and lots of gin marinated olives.

We decided to dress down the cart for everyday because ten delicate stemmed martini glasses in reach of a toddler just seemed like a bad idea.

But come next poker night we will set her up again, perhaps for some bourbon tasting.

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  1. So 50's! I do recall carts like this used for alcohol and for TV carts. A few were relegated to magazines. One had bowling trophies.