Monday, September 23, 2013

Demo baby

Yeah we did some demo. It was messy and very late at night. 

To briefly recap: we had a plumbing leak and it rained on my head. The emergency plumber had to break into our ceiling to find and repair the leak. Since our ceiling is ceiling tile rather than plaster or drywall it can not be patched and will have to be replaced. Since we are going to be putting a whole new ceiling up we decided to go ahead and have all the galvanized steel plumbing updated.Whew! So that's were we are.

In fact the plumber started replacing plumbing today. But first we had to demo the remainder of the old ceiling so he could access all the plumbing. Knowing it would be a very messy job we got a role of contractors paper and lined the floor and baseboards.

Then we took a crow bar and started pulling down tiles. We broke it into two nights. The first night we mostly took down crown molding which took a lot longer. And we started pulling down tiles to see what we were dealing with. Then the second night we finished up. There was actually a third night of clean up too.

It was a very dirty job. Look at all of that dust, dirt and crud coming down with that tile.

We were left with a very large pile of tiles and a lot of general deb-re.

And a lot of exposed plumbing, ducts and spider webs. This was about 85% through the job.

Finally we loaded all the tiles into large black garbage bags, rolled up the construction paper and swept the room. We definitely need to buy a shop vac soon.

It will take our plummer two days to replace all the exposed plumbing and then we can get some bids for a plaster ceiling. Meanwhile our weekend guests were relegated to the library and an air mattress. Le sigh...

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