Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New pipes now the real work begins

With ceiling demo complete we were able to have our plumber remove all the galvanized steel plumbing that was behind it. Coming up the wall from the ground and into the ceiling was the kitchen waste water line.
 There was also plumbing for the kitchen sink, the shop sink and a mystery line that seemed to dead end below the kitchen oven. It appeared to be abandoned during construction of the house. The galvanized was replaced with pex behind the ceiling and onto the the next connection. This way when we are ready to replace another section we can connect to this plumbing without breaking into the ceiling again.

Now that the plumbing has been replaced we will turn our attention to some smaller projects while we save up to have a new plaster ceiling put in this room in this room and a new kitchen floor. We left baseboard stripping mid-project so we will return to that, there is much more painting to do with the sun room, Margot's bathroom and the downstairs next on the list. And we would love to start looking into polishing our concrete floors downstairs. 

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