Friday, September 6, 2013

And we're off

As much as I'd love to spend the weekend demo-ing the ceiling tiles in our guest room, sanding baseboards and prepping the sun room for paint we are going to take a mini break from our various DIY projects for the annual Potter family beach trip.

Chris' awesome and wonderful parents rent a beach house each year on the Oregon coast and we so looking forward to one last get-a-way before fall is here.

So I'm off to pack up:

  • a few growletts of Claim 52 beer
  • lots of changes of clothes for our toddler soon to be covered in sand and water
  • rain gear (it's still Oregon after all)
  • a book..what a concept
  • Grover, mickey mouse, Minnie mouse, Kitty, Pluto and the baby doll
  • a real camera
  • and one squirmy toddler who will hopefully settle down for along nap during our 2.5 hour car drive
But next week it's DEMO time!!!

Happy weekend

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