Wednesday, September 11, 2013

House Tour: One month and the giant LIST

Sometimes I think we are moving at snails pace when it comes to home renovations. But when I look back at all of the things we've done in one month I can't help but feel a little proud of us, especially given what novices we are at all of this. To see our official before pictures click here. Some things have gotten better and some have gotten worse but overall it doesn't matter because we LOVE living here regardless of how temperamental our dinosaur can be. So here is our house today at one month:
Living Room What we've done:
cleaned all woodwork with Murphy oil
plopped down furniture
haphazardly added some family photos to the mantel
found some great swans circa 1950 from India for built in

What we need to do:
paint, a lot
condition woodwork with some nice happy oil
get some standing lamps for more light
make some drapes

Dining room what we've done:
cleaned woodwork and doors
had carpet re-stretched

What we need to do:
take down and clean light fixture
we'd love some upholstered mid-century chairs for our table

Kitchen what we've done:
deep cleaned
had stove fixed
I fixed leaking faucet
had oven removed--it's being rebuilt
had plaster repaired
painted walls

what we need to do:
new floors
paint cabinets
get exhaust fan working
a vintage fridge is totally on my wishlist

Sun room what we've done:

What we need to do:
prep room to paint, more in this later
new floors
new outlet covers
more plant stands to over winter herb garden
real table, this is a folding table

Library what we've done:
cleaned woodwork with Murphy oil 
unpacked 50+ boxes of books and shoved them onto shelves

What we need to do:
remove all the black cable wire
condition woodwork
make drapes
get a real desk (right now we're using a folding table)
organize the books and office stuff
finish unpacking
Hall Bathroom what we've done:
had plaster repaired
deep cleaned

What we need to do:
whiten grout and tile
re-caulk sink and tub
add some art and decorations
Margot's Room what we've done:
had plaster repaired
removed phone jack and wiring
cleaned all woodwork with Murphy
changed out light fixture
got new rocking chair

what we need to do:
get her dresser from my in laws
paint windows
make drapes
add rug to tone down carpet in here
paint inside of closet
add shelves to inside of closet
hang gallery wall
Master bedroom what we've done:
had plaster repaired
plopped down furniture
 what we need to do:
make drapes
get a bed frame
get night stands
decorate shelves
add art
get a dresser
Master bathroom what we've done:

what we need to do:
change overhead light (isn't pictured)
replace broken towel bar
add hanger for hand towel
change outlet cover
remove wall paper
add some art/decorations
Master closet what we've done:
organized (despite evidence to contrary:-)

What we need to do:
paint cabinets
add more organizational shelving below clothing rack

Courtyard what we've done:
removed small wheel chair ramp
added bird feeder
added potted mum's and herbs
added furniture

what we need to do: 
remove large wheel chair ramp
add outdoor lighting
plant some more stuff
add more planters

Rec room what we've done:
torn out gross carpet
had plaster repaired
plopped down really random assortment of stuff

what we need to do:
add couch
find smaller coffee table
make drapes
get some rugs
finish unpacking and organizing down here
paint ceiling
get some lamps
larger TV? Christmas maybe?
Laundry room what we've done:
found a spot for our washer and dryer
broke washer
got washer repaired

what we need to do:
put door back on (came out to move in furniture)
paint cabinets
make curtains
organize storage space
change light fixture
have cabinet cut out to make washer into designated space
Guest bathroom what we've done:
had plaster repaired

what we need to do:
remove wall paper
fix light (not pictured)
replace carpet strip thing we tore up when removing carpet
fix shower knob which is broken
add rug
add art
Guest room what we've done:
tore up nasty carpet
had plaster repaired
had leaking pipes
started demoing ceiling
started striping paint

what we need to do:
remove all crown molding
finish demo ceiling
have galvanized plumbing in ceiling replaced
have plaster ceiling put in
strip and re install all the crown molding
re-install window trim
finish striping baseboards
refinish baseboards
replace light fixture
make curtains
get a rug
get a guest bed
have a drink!--just kidding, sort of 
shop what we've done:
put away all our tools

what we need to do:
reorganize wall cabinets where we've shoved random stuff
get all lights working
change some light fixtures
get floor drain working
make window coverings
buy more tools so we don't have to keep borrowing my parents

Whew! Seriously that is a lot of stuff to do. And that's just the phase one stuff we want to accomplish in the short term. It will be interesting to check back into this post in 6 months to see how much of it we have accomplished and how many new things have come up, or broke, between now and then.

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