Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rose colored dreams and HOUSE PICTURES YAY!!!

Today this title is literal as it is currently 5:30am on Saturday and I woke up from dreaming about the 100's of square feet of rose colored carpet we are about to inherit. Why I'm awake at 5:30am on a Saturday is a topic for another day. But back to my rose colored carpet. Our new house is full of it, as in almost the entire main floor of the house is covered in rose colored carpet. We have no idea if there is wood underneath and since the house is built in 1950 it's really hit or miss. Eventually I want to put in hard wood if it's not hiding underneath. But until we are ready to drop the dough hardwood requires we aren't touching that carpet. And to be fair it's in pristine condition and is very soft and obviously a very high quality carpet. So here's to decorating challange number one: Rose colored carpet.

Here are some pictures and since I'm breaking out a few house pictures to demonstrate my carpet woes I thought I'd throw in a couple of the outside of the house just for kicks.
 Here is our house from the street. I'm the first to admit it's not a lot to look at from this angle especially with the fence and ramp rails in front. But once you get past the fence and down the ramp you are looking at this:
This court yard makes my heart go pitter patter in a big way. I love the windows facing into the courtyard, I love the beautiful wood front doors, I love the spindly trees growing out of the courtyard up over the house. And I love how the house makes a U-around this charming courtyard.
 Now inside in the main living space. The front door is in that nook on the left and the opposite wall is all windows giving this room beautiful light. The real walnut fire place is in gorgeous condition although there is a small crack in the marble. And we love the book shelves on the left with lamps on top. And then here it is...Rose colored carpet. In it's defense it does sort of match the house and there is a rose/pink/maroon/color scheme going through this floor of the house. Luckily most of our furniture is pretty neutral and will do okay in here. The bigger challenge lies in Margot's room below (the curtains are already gone),
This is actually a big room, I think almost twice the size of her current shoe box of a room. But there is a lot going on this room. Besides the aforementioned carpet there are two distinct tones of wood, the walnut baseboard molding and the honey toned wooden closet and shelving. In addition there are original heavy aluminum windows with big handles that swing the windows out, think European style windows with no screens. Her current room is turquoise and white which you can see in this post. Obviously our turquoise color scheme is not going to work in this room. I have spent tons of time thinking about this room. Mostly about what color to paint it since painting Margot's room is one of the things we need to do before we move in. Besides the current paint is old, in poor condition and is lead based paint so this room must have a new coat or 3 before moving day. I have been going back and forth between a really light ballet pink with lots of gold accents or a light grey with ballet pink and white accents. As of right now I'm feeling pretty settled on the grey. We will keep all of the original wood work in tact but will be bringing in her white crib/toddler bed, her white book shelf and a dark walnut mid-century modern dresser. In addition to painting the walls grey I'm thinking about getting a this rug, or a cheaper knock off if I can find it,  to cover most of the floor to tone down the carpet and tie the grey walls to the white furniture we have,

Then to really tie things together I'm going to buy ask really nicely for my birthday this knockoff chair.

Vinnie White Cradle ChairWe are taking Margot's chandelier with us which will also tie the whole grey and white theme into the current rose and wood room. Her new mid-century dresser is the same shade of wood as the walnut baseboard molding and the wood rockers on this chair is the same honey toned wood as the closet and wall shelves. And I will make her new bedding in a white and grey modern print with lots of delicate pink accents. I'm even toying with the idea of painting the inside of that huge closet pink. Maybe since it's only 6:15am (this was a LONG post to write! whew) I'll even figure out how to make a decorating board for the room and come back with it. Or I could pack, or shower or make my family breakfast....we'll see.

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