Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Dinosaur

We are either crazy or we are brilliant. Probably we are a little of both. But we are pending on a house!!!! A house that I have come to think of as our dinosaur. I imagine it as a brachiosaurus because it is beautiful and elegant and HUGE but Chris' says that is taking my analogy a little too far and that it's just a dinosaur so I conceded and lovingly think of my house as a big beautiful dinosaur.

And this my friends is the reason for my blog absence. I just can't blog when I have a secret examples, the month we were buying our first house and the month before I announced our little chicken.

Anyway, back to my dinosaur. So as I said in my last post we were house hunting and the dinosaur was actually the second house we saw. I was pretty much instantly in love. We walked out of the car and down into a courtyard entrance surrounded by a concrete block mid century modern with a flat roof and spindly maple trees coming out of the courtyard over the house and that was pretty much the end for me. But when we walked into a huge open light filled living space with a gorgeous walnut fire place going all the way the ceiling, walls of windows, intact original 1952 finishes and a view of the Willamette river I was done. It was pretty clear pretty fast that this was my house. husband (who also loved the house, mainly for the view, library and neighborhood--he's just more practical and adult than I am), relator, parents and harsh realities such as the price, original oil furnace complete with a buried oil tank and galvanized steel pipes convinced me to stop breathe and research. So despite all the pitter pattering of my heart I stopped slowed down and researched. After one week of reading, getting rough estimates from plumbers, electricians, heating companies and crunching numbers we made the very difficult decision that we just had to walk away. And so we did. We looked at more houses and committed to just keep looking until we found the right house at the price we had agreed on. Then the owners of the dinosaur lowered the price by $60,000. So we made and offer. And how could we not!!! So there it was our dream house, in our dream neighborhood right smack in the middle of our price range. Yes it needed tons of work, yes the property taxes were a little ridiculous and yes it's huge was fate and God and pure brillance.

So long story short we offered, we negotiated, we listed our house, we sold our house in a whopping five days, and we are now through inspections and pending. So we should close in late July and we, okay I, are now packing, obsessing, being type A as per usual. Longtime readers will remember how moving brings out the absolute worst of my type A tendencies and usually results in countless nights sans sleep as I persist to obsess about every last detail. But all the while I have the smiles because I'm just so freakin' excited I can hardly stand it!!!

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