Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun and fabulous family photos

Our funny little baby is 18 months old and not so much a little baby anymore. A more accurate description would be our chattery little toddler. I know parents say this all of the time but seriously we LOVE this age. So much easier than infancy! We sleep all night and yet we still have a cuddly little monkey and an interactive little person.
And recently to commemorate these happy times we had some wonderful family photos taken by our dear friend and photographer JoAnna James. You can see more of JoAnna's photos here

One of Margot's favorite activities these days is to water the flowers outside and so we were thrilled that JoAnna captured what's become a favorite family activity this summer. Margot is enjoying summer so much and we've had really nice weather this year and Margot loves to play outside, run in the grass, water flowers and go on family neighborhood walks.
At 18 months Margot is saying about 50+ words and starting to put words together to form short phrases such as bye Daddy, daddy bath, etc. She still loves to read books but is starting to have a definite opinion about what she wants to read.
Margot loves her clothes and shoes and was beyond excited last month when we bought her baby converse that match ours. She gets so excited when we all wear our converse. She continues to love her tutu and likes to pick out her own clothes. She also likes to sort and organize things and thinks folding the laundry is the bees knees. Margot's other great love in life these days is Sesame street. Oh my word! Both Chris and Margot look forward to Saturday morning when they watch old school sesame street episodes together. And since Chris is Margot's favorite person in the world these days, next to Grover, it's all the more exciting.

She's a cute, funny, sweet, easy going and always up for a fun little adventure and we can't wait to see what the next 18 months bring!


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