Thursday, March 29, 2012

Margot's Room

While I posted some progress along the way I never posted pictures of our finished nursery. I am so happy with how her room turned out. It is bright and cheery. We spend a lot of time in there and it's such a happy place in our home.

I'm amazed at how well this room came together considering how randomly we seemed to acquire everything.

Furniture: We had to special order our crib. It is the Jennylind crib by Divinci. My Mom found the dresser at a garage sale and Chris sanded it down so we could paint it white. The rocking chair was in my Mom's garage and the book shelf is a hand-me-down from my Step Mother.

Bedding and linens: My Mom made all the bedding. Her and I picked out the fabric and she put them all together. She also made cushions for the chair and two baby Afghans that match. My friend Beth made the curtains for me after I was put on bed rest.

Details: The chandelier was sitting in my father and Step-Mother's garage along with the two lamps. Katrina also helped me make the pom-poms. I bought the picture frames at Ikea. And the basket (full of stuffed animals) was left over from a gift (it had houseplants in it).

In total all we had to buy was our Crib, picture frames, the dresser and paint. In total I think we spent around $400.

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  1. So beautiful! It really is a happy room =) I'm impressed!