Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo A Day--April

 It was had to remember to take a photo a day this month! So some of these are lame. Oh well
 Day 1: Reflection--Miss Margot smiles at her own reflection
 Day 2: color--beautiful spring colors
Day 3: Mail--Margot received a sock bouquet, in the mail she was rather enamored
 Day 4: Someone who makes me happy--Chris loving Margot so much
 Day 5: Tiny--Harriet the bird
 Day 6: Lunch--This is Margot eating dinner and being a grumpy pants
 Day 7: Shadow--A shadow from Lenard the Lion
 Day 8: Inside your wallet--lame
 Day 9: younger you--this is me at, I believe, 18months
Day 10: cold--Margot bundled up for the cold
Day 11: Where you ate breakfast--my desk at my office
 Day 12: Stairs--inside the Atrium building where I have tons of meetings

Day 13: something you found--my purse which I found on sale for $5 at St. Vincent DE Paul's
 Day 14: How you feel today
 Day 15: Sunset--Margot playing before getting ready for bed
 Day 16: Flower--Jasmine flower tea
 Day17: Something I don't like--putting away laundry
 Day 18: hair--er...Margot's lack of hair (seriously lame prompt)
 Day 19: orange--one of my last surviving tulips after the neighbor kids cut most of them :(
 Day 20: something I drew--does drawing on the computer count? window sign for downtown business for a recent campaign I was working on
 Day 21: bottle--of wine
 Day 22: The last thing I bought: whole milk decaf latte with chocolate sprinkles from full city
 Day 23: vegetable--Margot's first vegetable: mashed organic sweet potato with breast milk, cultured butter and sea salt yummy!
 Day 24: something I am grateful for--these awesome terracotta soldiers Ben brought back for me from China
 Day 25: looking down--and enjoying the fact that I am wearing my favorite gladiator sandals

Day 26: black and white: Margot' toy bin in the family room
Day 27: somewhere I went--my front porch where we sat and relaxed
Day 28: 1pm--getting ready to run errands

Day 30: circle--Margot's skirt is a circle...isn't it fetching!

and day 31 was something that makes me sad which I failed to take a picture of---whew that as a lot of pictures!

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