Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 Whole Months

Dear Margot--
You are 6 months old! Mommy can't even believe how fast time goes. You are learning and growing so much each day. This has been such an exciting month for you. You have started to eat vegetables and boy do you love to eat!
You have also really started to interact with other babies. You are grinning and laughing all of the time. You love to play with your toys and sit at your high chair. You are a very social baby and as long as people are around you are a happy camper. This month's brought a lot of firsts for you, your first tooth, your first vegetables and fruit, your first trip to the beach, your first official play date and our first mother's day.

At 6 months you can roll over both ways and hold up your upper body when you are on your stomach. You can sit up unassisted  for about 3 seconds before toppling over:) You have two teeth. And perhaps your biggest accomplish this month: you are pretty much sleeping through the night. You go to bed at 7:30pm and generally sleep until 5-6am. You eat about 2 Tb of solid food 3x a day and nurse or take a bottle every 2-4 hours. You are a pretty happy and content baby so long as someone is near you! You love to go places and see people. You especially love the grocery store, farmers market and restaurants. You are very observant and watch everything around you. You like to play with links, sophie, gerald the giraffe, and you like to put EVERYTHING in your little mouth. Here you are at 6 months:

Weight: 15lbs 15oz
Clothes: 6-9 months and 9 months

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