Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh my goodness...is this me blogging two days in a row???

Yes I'm busy but I'm trying to blog more since I have completely failed at maintaining either a journal or Margot's baby book leaving this as the only record of our lives. Wow that sounded kind of dramatic. Anyway...

Since I have some new readers, hello birth to three friends, I thought I'd do a little re-introduction post. So here are some interesting or perhaps not so interesting things about the Potters...

Chris and I met at philosophy club in college. Yes we are just that cool. We were both philosophy majors.

While other children woke up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, I woke up to watch Julia Child on OPB. I love Julia. Chris woke up to watch cartoons. However, he watched a lot of Julia with me while I was on bed rest and now he loves Julia too.

Chris and I were both on Mock trial in high school. See we were cool even then:)

Chris loved bugs as child and to this day he will carefully scoop up the bug and move it outside rather than kill it.

I spend a lot of my childhood on my grandparent’s ranch riding horses and working cattle.

Chris and I got married at an old barn that was built in the 1800’s by early settlers arriving from the Oregon Trail.

Chris hunts water fowl (ducks and geese). I cook the ducks and geese.

I am a lobbyist. Once my 10 year old cousin asked what I did and when I said I was a lobbyist he said that lobbyist were bad guys. This was during the 2008 presidential election. I tried to explain that I wasn’t a bad guy but I’m not sure he was convinced.

Chris and I love to read and own hundreds of books (a few years ago I counted and it was close to 700--EEK.

Once we had a crawdad feed. It was great fun!

I am fascinated by diseases particularly old diseases like leprosy and the plague. I am also fascinated by Pigmies and most recently dinosaurs (this is from watching Jurassic park and then finding some books about dinosaurs at St. Vincent de Paul’s).

Chris and I LOVE St. Vincent de Paul’s (a local catholic charity and thrift store). One of our favorite dates is to go treasure hunting at St. Vincent de Paul’s.

I have a pension for trashy television and trashy music (think Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, Lady Ga Ga etc…)

Chris likes to sing karaoke with his friend Ryan. Sometimes they sing karaoke in our kitchen

I go to bed really early when I can. Sometimes I’ll get into bed at 8 or 8:30 to read and it’s heavenly.

Chris and I both HATE to clean and often on Saturday mornings to we will leave the house as soon as we wake up to avoid cleaning. This is why we like breakfast dates and farmers markets so much.

Once I hiked a really tall and scary mountain. I do not intend to do it again.

One of our dreams in life is too own a house by the sea. Another is to travel the world with Margot. We plan to take her to Paris when she is 10 or 11.

We are kind of whisky connoisseurs and we are planning a food and whisky tour of Tennessee and Kentucky for our 10th wedding anniversary. Our plan is to fly into Nashville then drive to Memphis weaving up through Kentucky and then on down through the Mississippi delta to New Orleans.

So now--please share something interesting about you.

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  1. oh this was fun to read! good post.
    random rachel fact: i often reheat my tea/coffee in the microwave and forget about it only to find it later; AJ & I dream of living in Oxford, England for a little while; I have no yard so I planted seeds in pots and now can't remember what's growing besides the lettuce and dill!
    p.s. have you heard of the tv show "terra nova"? i think you'd like it because it's a little like jurassic park.