Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who cares if it is a hallmark holiday

This is my sweet baby. I love her oodles and oodles. This will be my first Mother's Day. And while yes Mother's Day may be a consumeristic hallmark holiday I do not care. Not one little iota. I love my baby but it has been a hard year bringing this little one into the world. After two months of bed rest, a very painful 1.5 hours of pushing, breastfeeding trauma that I don't even want to think about, and way too many 10 hour work days after a mere 3-4 hours of sleep I just want a day that's about spoiling me. And that is just the truth of the matter. Next month Margot and I will plan a day all about spoiling Chris in honor of his first Father's Day. We already have big plans, we've been plotting!

As a new Mother here are some ideas to make Mother's day a fun and special day without breaking the bank.

1. Breakfast in Bed: I have already put in a request to my dear husband for Bagels with Lox and decaf Duncan Donuts coffee

2. Flowers: flowers are lovely and they just make you happy. Just a small simple bunch of peonies or roses is perfect.
3. A small trinket: I think a small gift is nice. You can wear it and remember it was a gift for your first Mother's Day. I am loving these three affordable pieces from Stella and Dot. hint hint...:)

4. Do something she likes to do. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I know our dear friend Ryan is going to be ordained that morning so we are going to his ceremony. But I'm sure in the afternoon we'll do something I enjoy like walk on the river path or treasure hunt at St. Vincent de Paul's.

5. Take out for dinner. I have no intention of doing any dishes (or cleaning) on Mother's Day. Her favorite take it is a great way to still have a relaxing evening at home playing with baby and not dirty any dishes. I'm thinking Indian sounds good.

Obviously as Margot gets bigger I look forward to funny handmade cards/gifts which I will of course frame and display in all their glory because obviously my child is an artistic genius. But at 6 months her sweet smiles and hugs are more than enough.

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