Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Whole Months!

 Dear Margot:

You are 5 months old. Actually you have been 5 months old for a whole week! This has been an exciting month for you. You experienced snow for the first time during the great snow event of 2011. This month you have become really excited watching Mommy and Daddy eat. You love to read Good Night Moon and you really look at the pictures. Sometimes when I start to read it you waive your arms about in excitement. You talk all the time and have started to laugh so much more. You were sick for the first time, which was not a happy time for any of us. You have become great friends with Sophie the giraffe. You enjoyed your first Easter and looked adorable in your fancy Easter dress. You went on a trip to Portland and met your Great Grandparents from Walla Walla. And perhaps most exciting, you learned to sit in a high chair and eat some solid foods. Mommy was determined to Wait until you were 6 months old to give you solids but you seemed to want our food so badly that we went ahead and gave you some rice cereal, which you really seam to enjoy.

Here you are at 5 months:
At 5 months you are starting to become mobile having rolled over twice! You also turn yourself 360 degrees on your activity gym and love to kick and stomp your legs and stand up on our laps. You love to sit in your high chair where you can see what is going on. You sleep in your own bed in your own room for the most part. you sometimes manage to "crawl" back to Mommy and Daddy's bed by morning... You still wake up once or twice during the night to nurse. You however don't seem to crazy about naps or schedules. You are kind of shy but seem to enjoy people from the safety of Mommy and Daddy's arms. You are really starting to enjoy your time with other babies, especially your friends Matheson and Grayson, and all your friends at Birth to Three.

You are generally a happy baby and we all love you to pieces!

Weight: 14lbs and 10oz
Clothes: size 6 months,6-9 months and some 9 months

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