Monday, May 21, 2012


Last night Chris and I had a long conversation about life and how hard it is. We have many blessing and we try to be very grateful but lately life has just been so hard. It feels like life is coming at us from every angle. We've both been sick a lot this winter, we both have to work too much, we don't sleep enough and we are still working to pay off all of our bills from Miss Margot's arrival and extended hospital stay. It feels like we are short on time, energy, money, sleep and health! But what can you do? This is our reality right now and so we are trying to make the best of it. As hard as life is right now it's also such a special time. Margot will only be a baby once and my hope is that we look back on this time as one of joy rather than one of stress.

What this all means day to day...lately it's been a lot of chaos. A lot of dishes sitting in the sink for 3 days, un-vacuumed carpet and quick blah dinners. While I probably won't be able to create an immaculately clean house I do aim to take back my kitchen. I'm tired of not enjoying dinner or dinner time. And nothing puts a grey cloud over dinner like sink of dirty dishes and no idea what's for dinner. This means it's time to return to the weekly mean plan and doing the dishes before I go to bed. So with that...Here is what we shall be eating this week. I am shooting for lots of quick, easy and economical meals but still healthy and tasty. I'm also recognizing there are nights, such as this Thursday when I have a bridal shower to attend at 7pm, when cooking dinner is just not a reality. Planning ahead for convenience food is a lot cheaper than last minute take out.

Monday: Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto
Tuesday: Balsamic chicken with cous cous and spinach
Wednesday: Chicken korma simmer sauce* with rice and peas
Thursday: Annies organic white cheddar mac and cheese shells
Friday: Chicken satay with rice and cucumber salad
Saturday: cumin spiced chicken with cous cous
Sunday: Italian pot roast with polenta

*I picked up this simmer sauce on sale at Target. We shall see how it is and if it's something we can add to our regular rotation of convenience foods. Currently that rotation includes: tuna sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup, stove top, annie's shells, Archer (Target brand) boxed risotto.

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  1. The menu planning always helps me when stuff gets hectic. Your dinners sound tasty. Hey I tried this easy quesadilla last week and even though it looks a little too chain-restauranty it was super good! You will get though it :) Hope to see all of you sometime soon!