Monday, April 23, 2012

The best day

Life has been really busy for us the past few weeks. Work has been crazy for both Chris and I. We've also just had a lot going on. This weekend we had no plans and Saturday we make the impromptu decision to take little Miss Margot to the beach for the fist time. The weather was beautiful an we had the best day!!!

Margot's first view of the Ocean. She is clearly more interested on chewing on her ergo. However, to her defense she had just woken up to find herself in a crazy new place.

Sitting in the fish house high chair like a big baby while we ate chowder and fish.

Feet in the sand for the first time and loving it!

Margot says, "It's so much fun to be at the beach!"

Digging her hands into the sand. This activity was of course followed by trying to put her hands in her mouth.

Getting a better look at the ocean. And no we did not let Margot into the water as the Pacific Ocean is FREEZING

After the beach we played the park a bit. Margot liked he daisies.

Margot was so tired that she slept the whole 2 hour drive home. She was a happy baby all evening and hung out in her high chair while I made our delicious dinner of fresh trout, roasted baby potatoes and Swiss chard.

Basically it was the best day ever. And given how crazy work is going to be this week I'm so glad we had all that time together over the weekend.


  1. Laura, I'm so glad you guys were able to enjoy the coast together--Margot is so adorable!

  2. Margot looks so happy in the sand!