Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo A Day--March

I decided to join the photo a day challange for March. It was really fun. It forced me to keep my camera on me and take more pictures, something I'm not very good at doing. Here's a glimpse at our March.

Day 1: Up: view looking up from my computer in my office

Day 2: Fruit: Sad to say the only fruit in the house

Day 3: Your Neighborhood

Day 4: Beside: my night stand

Day 5: A smile: a ginormous smile:)

Day 6: 5 o'clock: leaving work

Day 7: something you wore: denim trousers, grey camisole, light grey knit boatneck sweater

Day 8: window: one of my office windows

Day 9: Red: my coffee mug at work

Day 10: Loud: the food processor, it's horribly loud

Day 11: Someone I talked too: Little Miss Margot

Day 12: Fork: Dinner of black bean cakes and salad

Day 13: A sign: a block from my office

Day 14: Clouds: on a niceday

Day 15: Car: our car

Day 16: Sunglasses: my sunglasses sitting on my desk

Day 17: Green:Margot in her lucky charms onsie--a St. Vincent De Paul's find
Day 18: Corner of Your Home:My kitchen counter, the corner by the fridge

Day 19: Funny:Margot laughing

Day 20: before and after:Margot before and after her bath

Day 21: Delicious:Dry grilled chicken with Chinese greens and noodles in herb broth
Day 22: Kitchen Sink:gross but honest

Day 23: Moon:Goodnight Moon

Day 24: Animal:Duck in my office parking lot when I arrived at work

Day 25: Breakfast:roasted potatoes with thyme, eggs and sage breakfast sausage

Day 26: Keys: my key ring

Day 27: Your Name:business card
Day 28: Trash:oops I forgot this day

Day 29: Feet:baby feet

Day 30: Toy:Margot playing with Josie

Day 31: Where I relax:my bed


  1. What a fun idea! I would do this but where would I post them. They would just sit in my camera for ages. Thanks though, this served as good pumping entertainment. I can't just sit. :)

  2. You have beautiful handwriting.

  3. I'm a sucker for blonde-bald heads and bare feet! Love little Miss Margot!