Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow Day!

Yesterday started like any other Wednesday. The alarm went off and we woke to find Miss Margot once again in our bed. Chris got in the shower while Margot and I promptly fell back asleep nursing. Chris got out of the shower, woke us up with the light, and realized once again that his clean shirts were still on the couch were I folded them. But on his way to retrieve clean clothes he discovered...SNOW! Lots and lots of snow, 6-7 inches with it still coming down. A few minutes later our power went out.

In truly classic Chris fashion we immediately reacted. Really, the boy scouts would have been proud. Chris retrieved flash lights and lit candles. I bundled Margot and myself. We brought all of our necessities, phone, blackberry, blankets, diapers, wipes, hats, toys and the activity gym into our bedroom where it was a cozy 70 degrees and settled ourselves, Margot and her activity gym on our bed.

It was quickly established that my office was closed. Then we analyzed the situation. How long would it stay warm without power? At what point might we have to leave? Where should we go? What were we going to eat? What about the freezer? Could we cook breakfast on a camp stove? Would the toilet flush?

Fortunately the power came back on a few hours later. We decided to take Margot out to experience her first and maybe only great snow storm.

Margot was not a huge fan of her snow suit.

But she did like my funny snow dance--the things I will do attempting to get my child to smile for the camera.

The view from our front porch.

Our rather buried little house.

Margot, like her mother, does not like the snow--in fact we only made it about a block to our Friends Luke and Kayun's where we stopped for some much needed hot chocolate.

We spent the rest of the day safely indoors playing, napping, nursing and doing laundry.

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  1. Oh my goodness - she is PRECIOUS!!! Isn't there something so cute about a little one all bundled up in snow gear. You're going to laugh, but we have a picture of Jane dressed in soemthing very similar. Only, we live in New Orleans, and we were taking her to a parade on a beautiful, but in our world, very cold day. I think it was 45 degrees! You'd have thought we were in the North Pole!

    Hope you've warmed up (or at least are having a refill of that hot chocolate!).