Thursday, March 15, 2012

Then and Now

Miss Margot is 4 (sob) months (sob) old (sob) now. No longer my tiny little baby. Now she's my big chubby baby. Joking aside I actually prefer this stage. I loved my tiny cuddly little newborn but it was so much harder. not that its sun shine and rainbows over here all the time (I woke up 5 times last night and believe me that 5th wake up was a long way from sunshine and rainbows) but the last month has been so much easier.

Three months ago:

  • Miss Margot screamed in the car almost every single place we went, including one truly horrid trip to Portland

  • She screamed every time she was dressed or diapered

  • She usually peed everywhere the second we got her diaper off

  • She would only sleep on mommy or Daddy's chest or in the Ergo/baby bijorn/sling

  • She nursed every 1-2 hours 24 hours a day

  • It hurt like the dickens every single time she nursed

  • She hated with a passion her swing, car seat, bouncy seat, and the stroller--basically the child could not be set down without screaming

  • She thought it was great fun to wake up in the middle of the night to eat and then to stay awake for two hours during which time she would only to be pacified if walked around the house--because you know walking all over the house for 2 hours is just what I wanted to do at 2am

  • she fussed from 5pm-10pm unless bounced in a very precise manor (all about the knees) unless of course she was nursing

sleeping on Daddy

That was then... and this is Now:

  • She hardly ever cries in the car anymore

  • She smiles and laughs while you dress her or change her diaper

  • She occasionally still pees everywhere but now she laughs and grins while she does it

  • She sleeps in her cradle at night and takes most naps in her crib occasionally she still naps on with me or in her Ergo or car seat

  • She nurses every 2-3 hours and will usually go one 3-5 hours stretch at night

  • I wish I could say nursing has has become completely pain free* but alas I can't it is however much better

  • Margot loves her activity gym and bouncy seat. She also seems to like her swing for short periods

  • While she does still wake up a lot during the night she goes right back to sleep

  • After months of what we termed the "evening fussies" Miss Margot hardly ever fusses anymore and usually when she does it's very briefly and when she's tired

  • Additionally, Margot is so much fun!

  • She has this huge happy grin which she loves to share

  • She talks all the time which is so funny

  • She loves to kick and stomp her legs which can be really funny

Just hanging out in playing with our hands

So basically---It gets so much easier!!!

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