Friday, March 23, 2012

some kind of party

It is almost my wonderful husband's birthday. Next week he turns 27. This will be his fourth birthday since we were married and the fourth birthday party I have thrown him. I look forward to throwing his party each year. It's usually not a huge affair but it's a fun chance to bring together our friends and celebrate Chris. And since Chris is wonderful, kind, loving and fun everyone loves to celebrate him.

This year...per Chris' request...we are having a Le Miserables themed birthday party in honor of the fact that Chris has finally finished the epic french masterpiece. Among Chris' many talents is reading horrifically long historical novels. Since we've been married he has completed War and Peace, The Brothers Karamazov and now Le Mis.

Chris with a 2 week old Margot--reading Le Mis

Chris with 7 week old Margot--still reading Le Mis

To celebrate we will have the musical on in the background and our menu will feature classic french cuisine appropriate for young french revolutionaries. Our party also will be family friendly--no whisky tasting this year:)--now that we and several of our friends have children with bedtime routines.

On the Menu:

Cheap red wine

French baguettes

French cheese

French Onion Soup

rustic berry tart

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