Monday, September 26, 2011

No More Nesting

Last week we had a bit of upheaval here at the Potter house. Last week during what was supposed to be a routine ultrasound I was sent home and put on bed rest. I am now on day 7 of bed rest. Luckily I am able to work from home via my lap top and blackberry. I am also allowed a once a week trip into my office for Friday morning committee meetings just for a few hours. And of course I get to go to the doctor every two weeks for copious amounts of ultrasounds and test. Other than that it is home and on my back.

I'll be honest--bed rest sucks a lot. However, bed rest is much better than our baby being born at 28 weeks. Hopefully the bed rest will keep Margot safely inside until at least 36 weeks. Apparently she is very eager to join us--silly little girl.

It was a scary and stressful week but now we seem to be settling into a new norm of sorts. Poor Chris is now stuck doing everything--cooking, cleaning, picking up, grocery shopping, errands, fetching me things and running his practice. However, we have been so grateful and amazed at an outpouring of love, help and support from our friends, family and church community. We've had visitors, meals brought to us and help with all sorts of things.

The hardest part about bed rest besides sheer boredom is not being able to nest. I can put away baby things, organize and re-organize closets or ANYTHING. Oh well. Such is life. At least Margot remains safely inside kicking up a storm. And on the upside I can now wear yoga pants as much as I want.

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  1. Oh honey, I feel your pain! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!