Friday, September 2, 2011

The Most Delicious Breakfast

This morning I had a brilliant bit of breakfast inspiration and created the most Delicious breakfast. My cousin Lauren (who was also my college roommate) and her husband are coming for the weekend. They now live in Seattle and are among our favorite house guests. Lauren and Nick started dating not long before Chris and I and we all palled around quite a bit in college. One of our favorite haunts was Cafe Sienna a whole in the wall Mexican breakfast place near campus. Lauren and I shared the same favorite Eggs a la compensena. I was remembering this while getting ready this morning and decided to make my own eggs a la compensena. The original is actually made with tortilla chips and jalapenos which I didn't have. Bu I came up with a slightly different version that was equally delicious. If you like Mexican food and eggs then you must make this.

Laura's Eggs a la compensena

3 eggs

one ripe tomato

fresh chopped green onions (a few table spoons)


two soft corn tortillas

Cheddar cheese (2-3 Tb)

a splash of milk

fresh salsa to serve

Melt butter in a non sick skillet. Cut tortillas into strips and add to butter. While those cook for a minute or so crack eggs into bowl with a splash of milk and whip up. Cut up your tomato and onions. Add eggs to the tortillas. Add tomatoes and scramble for a minute or so. Add grated cheddar cheese and scramble just until done. Add green onions and transfer to plate. top with fresh salsa and hot sauce--enjoy!

With a delicious breakfast and fun weekend ahead I'm so happy it's Friday. Lauren and I are going to register at target tomorrow morning. Tonight we are making homemade pizza and relaxing. Happy three day weekend!

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