Monday, September 19, 2011

The Nesting Instinct

Saturday night around 9pm Chris said, "I think your nesting instinct is kicking in because I can't keep up with you." I think he may be right. We've had a scary long ongoing "To Do" list for months. And this Saturday I woke up with a strong urge to tackle as many chores as possible.

Here's a glimpse at our Saturday:
7-8: sort through all books and gather ones to sell back to Smith's
8-9: make breakfast, do dishes, shower, get dressed, soak beans for baked beans
9-10: weekly grocery shopping at Winco, return home and put away groceries
10-11:30: Sell back books at Smith's and go to Lowe's to buy dresser knobs, light bulb and curtain rods
11:30-12: make chicken, rice casserole for lunch and get beans cooking for baked beans
12-1: pick up the house start baby laundry while Chris put new knobs on baby dresser
1-1:30pm- eat lunch
1:30-2:30- Chris painted front door red while I did dishes, picked up assembled baked beans
2:30-3:30- sit and read on font porch
3:30-5- go on long nature walk at Fern Ridge
5-6-Chris made dinner while I got off my feet
6-7- sort by size and fold and put away baby clothes
7-9- watch movie
9-10 Chris head to bed while I finish dishes, put away remaining baby clothes and take a bath

I am pretty sure I've never had a more productive Saturday in my life! As productive and wonderful as our Saturday was we still have quite the "To Do" list left. I hope this "nesting" sticks around for a bit so we can get it all done. Here's what's left on our pre-baby To Do List

Stain book case
hang mirror
trim back roses
trim hedges
edge yard
eradicate ivy
find nursery wall at
sew nursery curtains
assemble crib
print photos and update photo albums
finish baby sampler
interview pediatricians
hospital tour
make meals to freeze


  1. Way to go Laura! I loved your idea from a previous post about using illustrations from children's books for nursery art. We did something similar. I think you should blog about what you use for this project! There's a pretty adhesive chalkboard I saw that could be good inspiration for Margot's room:

  2. Oh my goodness! This is way mire productive even than the Betty Crocker cleaning evening! I have really been enjoying your posts lately. They have just been coming so often I don't have a chance to comment, ha ha lame excuse. Keep them coming and the baby will be here before you know it!