Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I finished reading this book:
To be honest I enjoyed the book. However, in the end, I felt some of the plot lines used by the author were in very poor taste given that the book was loosely based on the life of Laura Bush. If I was Laura Bush I would be pretty upset by this book.
We had a lovely weekend with sunshine, jogging with my dear friend Jessica, hanging out with friends and celebrating my Mom's birthday.
Which reminds me...Do you know what happens when you leave the eggs out of cupcakes? Very funny things, that's what. For my Mom's birthday Jess was supposed to do the cake but she forgot the eggs in the cupcakes and then they were very crumbly and wouldn't stand up. It turned out to cause everyone a lot of amusement so in the end it was okay.
Now I am reading The Shipping News by Annie Proux. So far it is a little slow but I have high hopes it will pick up because many people have raved about this book to me.
How about you? Reading anything delightful right now?

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  1. I've never understood how people could be mean about Laura Bush. She has to be the least offensive person on earth. Of course, all I can think of is, that I need to read more! I haven't just sat down in read in a week, at least! thanks for the nudge :)