Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Things

Mid week it is easy to feel bogged down with life. As the work week progresses the house gets messier, we sleep less, work takes more of our energy and thoughts and the weekend begins to feel very far away. I feel there is a pattern in my life from Monday morning through Thursday morning that goes something like this. Beginning with a sort of dread of the week to come and moving to the mid week bog down. But then there is a point of clarity. Regardless of the fact that my job feels dead end, or that Mr. P doesn't have a job after law school yet and we don't know what we are doing, regardless of all this there are so many good things that bring clarity to the situation.

Yesterday when I was feeling particularly down my dear friend Jessica called and invited me over for dinner and to watch Brother's and Sisters. After work Mr. P gave me love, comfort and encouraging words. Then he did all the dishes. I spent the evening enjoying delicious homemade Italian soup on a cold rainy night while enjoying Jessica's company, Kitty McAllister's gorgeous clothes and the always dreamy Rob Lowe.

Sometimes it's I am overwhelmed by what a difference our friends and loved ones make in our lives. It's easy to feel discouraged by the practical side of life, money, jobs, expectations, budgets, salaries and so on. But those things aren't so bad when we have wonderful people surrounding us. As Jessica said at least we can all be poor together. And truly that makes all the difference.


  1. I know whatcha mean, the middle of the week can feel really rough almost like it's consuming you. This week is DRAGGING! I hope you get to the weekend fast :)

  2. I completely relate to the work week pattern. How many Mondays and may be Tuesdays have I successfully risen early, only to slough off the rest of the week?

    I am so glad you were refreshed by our evening. It was good to hang out with you and your sister.

  3. Hubs and I try to have lunch together mid-week, to combat the middle of the week blues. Works like a charm!