Monday, March 15, 2010

A weekend away

I spent my weekend here

My family's cabin in the woods.

This is the charming front porch...

Which looks out to the creek below

We went with a few friends, just a few because the cabin is very small. Much smaller than my apartment. This is the tiny kitchen where we cooked risotto and macaroni and cheese while the men grilled meat.

this is the equally small dining room where we ate Jessica's yummy minestrone.

This is my favorite reading chair to relax, chat and knit.

Such a delightful weekend...


  1. I love that cabin. It sounds like a very relaxing place to be!

  2. What an enchanting little place! I love the contrast between the green window and the red wingback chair. Very cozy. I'm so glad you could get away for a bit, Laura!

  3. That looks so nice! I forgot how inviting the cabin is. You deserved a get away!

  4. Thanks for you comment! This place looks so peaceful - what a relaxing getaway. Love the photo of you and your hubby in the trees up top!