Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ruffles, Pearls and so on

Thanks for all the cheesy gooey Mac & Cheese recommendations. Mr. P approved whole heartily and is going to get cracking.

I'm finally taking lunch and am so in need of a break. I have been reading awful ridiculous code language all morning. It's a long story and it's works so I don't want to get into it, but sufficed to say, my frustration level and temper are getting a little high. I was strong armed by the planning director to sit on this horrid committee which begins tonight. Hence why I'm reading this stuff. To further my woes I just ate rice cakes and a banana for lunch. Isn't that a depressing lunch? I think so.

However, before we all start pitying me too much there is a bright spot to my day. My outfit. I so wish I could show you all a picture of my gorgeous pink silk ruffled tank I am wearing. Sadly, I can not find a picture of it anywhere online. I got it on clearance at J. Crew, because really I only buy anything at J. Crew which is on a major clearance. It is brightening my day. I'm wearing it with slim black slacks, a long black shall cardigan, a long pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Working late at dreadful meetings is never quite as bad when you can wear pink, pearls, and ruffles all in the same day!


  1. Well, it sounds adorable, even without a picture! I hope the meeting goes well.

  2. Oh girl, that outfit sounds PRECIOUS! Don't ruffles make it all better?

    Hope your day brightened up - Happy weekend to you darling! XOXO