Thursday, August 27, 2009

This weekend I am spending some quality time with my clothes

With school starting and fall approaching it’s catch up time for me. Now is the time before fall hits to clean and organize my house, start thinking through my busy holiday schedule and sort through my clothes. I don’t know about all of you buy tab out twice a year my clothes become a jumbled mess, nothing fits in my dresser or closet, and yet I hate all of my clothes and have nothing to wear.

Instincts tell me to toss half of it and go on a fall shopping spree. Mr. P and my budget tell me otherwise. Yet I have nothing to wear….!!!! So what is a girl to do? Well, I find in times like these that what is needed is some quality time with my wardrobe. Some time to get the creativity flowing back into my outfits. It seems that after awhile my clothes and I get lazy. We fall into a drone of the same things. Every morning we just want to appear in jeans and tees or the same black slacks and a striped blouse or the same denium skirt and cardigan. We forget about the variety of cute scarves in the scarf box, the shoe rack full of shoes in the closet and the jewelry box…hasn’t been touched in weeks. I just get bored of coming up with outfits, plus I somehow lose, stain, shrink or wear out all my basics that I need in order to wear the floral skirt, the cropped trousers, the pink flats and the multi-color beaded necklace. The combination of these factors results in blah blah blah when it comes to getting dressed.

That’s the problem. I hope I’m not alone is this problem, that everybody experiences fashion hum drum and it isn’t that I’m just hopelessly clueless in the fashion department. Anyway, to fix the problem…I have a plan. I received a much needed $100 gift card to the gap for my birthday a few weeks ago. This year rather than go on a free for all I am first going to spend some quality time with my wardrobe. I’m going to haul it all out and actually try things on…with other things….it will be crazy and unheard of in my house. I will plan outfits, I will see what else might go with that green pleated skirt. I will use my accessories and be creative. It will be an amazing experiment in my house (usually getting dressed is a bit of a haphazard affair for me). As I do this I will make a list of things I really need like a new white oxford blouse or perhaps a black cardigan or maybe tank tops for layering. I will identify what objects are preventing me from wearing the 75% of my closet I do not wear and those are the items I will purchase. Brilliant right? Then for the items that have no fix I will get rid of. This is my plan. Helpful hints, advise, fashion genious, inspiration please send my way. I will need it.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I need to do that myself!

  2. Brilliant. Be daring! Brown & black do go together. I've even seen navy blue & back together lately. For some inspiration, try going to and check out what the First Lady is wearing. I like her style.

  3. I worked at Gap for 6 years through high school and college. I am STILL wearing some of those things today. I tend to buy nicer things for classic pieces like slacks, and then add in cheaper trendy things from places like Forever 21. I like to visit the outlets too- it's the only way I can afford things from J Crew!