Monday, August 31, 2009

Apparently it's been a long time since I was in High School

Sadly my clothes and I were unable to get much quality time together this weekend. I thought I would have a good chunk of time Friday afternoon but it somehow got lost to errands, the book store and making a pie. I don't know how these things happen. Then Saturday morning I left for a little weekend adventure. My friend Sara from church, my sister and I took the high school girls from youth group up to my parents cabin for the weekend. Here's what I have learned from spending the weekend with a bunch of High School girls:

1. High School girls can eat A TON! I thought my husband and his friends were bad but that was nothing to the amount of food that was consumed, particularly of the snack and candy varieties.

2. Don't take a variety of candy equaling 5lbs thinking that the girls will select what they like and you can just use the rest for the Halloween party. No. They will eat practically all of it!

3. College has become much more difficult to apply to and get accepted to

4. Monopoly can take 3-4 hours to play and crunches can become currency as well as nutty buddies. (I haven't l earned yet what a nutty buddy is)

5. You always need more s'mores ingredients then you imagined. High school girls eat more than two s'mores a piece.

6. High school students today are expected to have jobs, play sports, get perfect grades and excel in extra curricular activities

7. Star bursts are considered breakfast food by some.

All in all it was a very fun time. I really enjoy all the girls and they were all great. But I am very tired. As for my wardrobe it will have to wait until after labor day for it's much needed attention because we are going to Wallowa with Lauren and Nick for Labor Day!!! Thanks to the good advice comments.

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  1. #6 - so true! The pressure on kids today is crazy! Why isn't it good enough to find one thing and excel in it?