Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My brain is a little fried so just some random things...

1. I have been working with campaign law most of the day and my brain has turned to absolute mush

2. I really want to order these recipe cards which I spotted on Kate (from Elephantitas Alegres, http://elefantitasalegres.blogspot.com/, blog today. There is a lot of irony in this statement because Kate’s post is about how every newlywed has a Kitchenaid Mixer and how this domestic icon is defining women. It’s a really good point especially when she brings up Naomi Wolf. As someone who studied feminist philosophy in college and has read a lot of Naomi Wolf, I completely see her point and agree, and yet I so want these recipe cards, a lot.


3. I still can’t link to other blogs or my own blog. I need someone to teach me how to do this. Above it should say Kate from Elephantitas Alegres and then you click on Elephantitas Alegres and you are transported to her blog post. Yeah I can’t do that. I have no computer skills.

4. In fact I had to have on of the girls from the youth group help me set up my blog. But I am going to get a blog make over and I am very excited. Casey, from The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife, http://jordanandcaseyclark.blogspot.com is going to make my blog beautiful.

5. It is finally starting to cool off here. It has been really hot, last week it was up to 105 and 106 for a couple days. Potter Place, which is on the third floor and not air conditioned, has been pretty miserable.

6. This weekend will be the first one in over a month that I have not been out of town. I am so excited to be home, sleep in, and maybe even go to a movie. I am not excited about all the housecleaning I have to do.

5. Speaking of movies there are two coming out that I am really excited about. Julie and Julia,

I love Julia Child so much. I watched her on OPB every week with out fail growing up and I have all her cook books and I swear by her chocolate mouse. It is the best chocolate mouse in the world and it is worth the hours it takes to make. I am also really excited to see the time Travelers Wife. I loved the book as I love magical realism and this book was a great example of it.

6. Finally, Casey, is giving away this book:

You should all go read Casey’s post about this book and its importance. It is a first hand account of the war on terror from those who have been in Afghanistan fighting. I am definitely getting this book and reading it. You can enter her giveaway here: http://jordanandcaseyclark.blogspot.com
Mrs. P

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