Monday, August 10, 2009

Bithday Week

My birthday is this week. Somehow birthday's in our family always seem to merge into Birthday Week. That's definitely the case for me this year. Tomorrow night my Mom is throwing a little party for me at her house. Then Wednesday, my actual birthday, Mr. P and I are going out for a dinner date! Then Thursday morning we leave for the annual family camping trip with my Dad and we'll celebrate my birthday at the camp site.

I love camping. It is truly one of my favorite memories growing up and it's something I still look forward to every year. I love being outside, the smell of the lake, coffee cooking on the camp fire, fish frying, and campfire smoke. I love reading in the hammock and sitting on the dock with my sister. And I love love love to swim in the lake. This year I am going to climb Mt. Theilsen with my Dad and brother. It's a 14 mile hike! Wish me lots of luck.

So I'm off for a few days of birthday celebrations and a good long weekend at the lake with my family.

Oh and as a side note: Julie & Julia was great. It had so many things I love, food, cooking, Julia Child and blogs! I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow! I love your new blog look! I am really hoping to spend part of birthday week with you.

  2. Your blog is so pretty! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Have a wonderful camping weekend with your family & happy birthday too. I loved coming home & having so many new blog posts of yours to read. It's so cheery & your posts are very clever & entertaining. Plus, the new look is amazing! It fits you. :)