Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're going to San Francisco...

In only a matter of hours now Mr. P, Jess, our brother Sean and I are all off to San Francisco! We are suffering through a major heat wave here in the Pacific North West. Yesterday the high was 106 and today it's 105 right now. The forecast for San Francisco is a beautifully refreshing 60 for the whole weekend. Because of the heat wave we are going to leave at 4am in an effort to make through the high temperatures before noon. We are going to Santa Cruz first where we will spend the afternoon swimming and eating gelatto on the boardwalk. Then we will go to San Jose to meet our friend David. We're staying Thursday night with David and then Friday morning Sean, Jess and I are going into San Francisco for the weekend. Mr. P is going to stay with David because he is still on crutches and can't walk all over the city as we intend to.

It is going to be such a blast I can't wait. We're going to City Lights Bookstore the famous hang out to the beat poets. We will wander through china town, go to the Pier 39 at the Fisherman's wharf, wander through the Italian district where there will be more gelatto. Then Saturday night Mr. P and David are coming into the city to take us out to Tapas and a bar on the 39th story of a building! I will take lots of pictures and share them soon. Until then happy weekend everyone.

Mrs. P

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